Welcome to Gerlach, Nevada, gateway to the Black Rock Desert.

black rock bungalow, gerlach, nevada

NO VACANCY through September 28, 2015. Sorry!

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If you are heading to the Black Rock Desert or out to Burning Man and are looking for a motel or other Gerlach, Nevada lodging
stay in this cozy kitchenette VACATION RENTAL on the edge of the Black Rock Desert instead.

Why choose a vacation rental over a motel? Here in Gerlach, it's a very long drive to town.
Stay where you can cook, enjoy the views, and relax in comfort.
Leave the motels behind, and make yourself at home.
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For vacation rental information call 775.240.2620
Black Rock Bungalow Vacation Rental
P.O. Box 22, Gerlach, Nevada


views of the black rock desert

Gerlach, Nevada is adjacent to the Black Rock Desert/High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area.
For more information about the area, Burning Man, Bruno's, and other motels or lodging options near Gerlach Nevada
visit the Friends of Black Rock / High Rock's informative site at www.blackrockdesert.org

To learn more about Gerlach and its history, visit Wikipedia